Vincent Stoessel wrote:
> I would love to see a decent debugger like perl has.
> Nothing is more frustrating then having to echo and die()
> to debug code. Especially when you are assigned the task of
> updating code from a developer that has long gone without
> leaving any documentation.

PHP has a built-in debugger support. You can single-step, put
break-points, watch variables, etc... from many several existing
debugger GUI .

> > I have been a PHP user since version 3.0 came out, and have seen it
> > develop a lot along the way, but theres some things I find it lacks that
> > it really should not. If people agree, I'll glady contribute to the PHP
> > codebase.
> >
> > For example, multi-threading. Looking at the PHP sources, I can see this
> > would be fairly easy to implement on some most server modules. Before I
> > get fried by people for suggesting this, I know there are many functions
> > that are not thread safe, such the ob_* functions. But as far as I can
> > see threading would be well suited to some PHP tasks...

You can use the pcntl extension if you are using any (fork capable)

Manuel Lemos

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