> > > Oh yeah.  Guess I had a mental lapse there.  If you are using, say, a
> > > script downloaded from freshmeat.net and it happens to be poorly secured
> > > then obviously the entire free world is going to know how to exploit your
> > > copy of it....duh....
> >
> >Actually that's exactly what I had in mind. Heck, if your point is that they
> >don't know your URL then what's the point in the whole security issue anyways?
> I'm sorry, you've lost me.  When did the question of knowing URLs come into
> this?  I was referring to a hacker having access to your PHP script source.

Well, my mistake. I thought you were being sarcastic as in "Yeah, right, so if I
download a poorly secured datePicker.php from freshmeat.net then I'll become the
target of all hacks in the world... duh!". So we've just spammed everybody on this
list with four useless messages, just to find out we agree on this point. :-)


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