this has been covered before on the newsgroup, never the less.

this is because php sends the no-cache header when using sessions. try it.
sniff the line and run the same page with sessions and then without
sessions, you can see the different headers. you can get around this by
sending a cache header.

        header('Cache-Control: public');

done. only problem is the browser will go anal about caching. sometimes when
you hit F5 to refresh, it will only grab the cached copy. and on a side note
this is a nasty header to send with dynamically generated images, if this
header is sent on a dynamic image the browser will cache this file to death,
only downloading a new image when you clear your cache and restart your
browser, so dont use this on any dynamic stock charts haha.


  Chris Lee

"Peter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I was wondering whenever I use sessions on a page and then I use the
> "back" button on the browser, I get "Warning page has expired".  Is there
> anyway to avoid this?
> Thanks.
> Peter

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