Hello Jack,
I'm not sure I follow exactly what you are doing but I think you can 
make this work by  passing the variable data in all url links to each 
php page in the frameset - frame <tags>.  I haven't found a limit to 
the number of times these links can be nested.

The other issue that might be causing a problem - If any html output 
is sent to the browser before the <FRAMESET> <FRAME> tags, the FRAME 
info is ignored.

Good Luck,

>Dear all
>I had designed a Index.php, this page is made of different Frames by using
>UltraDev.The Frame included are Top, Left and Main. In my Left Frame which i
>used left.php, i had use JavaScript to make a Menu. Top Frame is a Banner
>and Main is just some content. When i browse preview it, the page just go
>Then Later on.
>I had a Login.php page which will let user login before they can access my
>Internal Website.
>In my Login.php Page, the user will type in the Username and Password, and i
>had set to post these two var to Index.php. and in Index.php just before the
><html> tag, i add a scrpt:
><? requrie ("check.php")?> This Check.php is actually the script which will
>verify the Username and Password passed from Login.php.
>Once <? requrie ("check.php")?> and add into Index.html, then there is
>nothing shows up, not even frames, menu or any Banner!!
>Could someone pls help me with this!! I'm Stuck!!!
>Thx a lot!!
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