since you CAN'T create functions runtime, unles you are using an eval
but that's even slower that create_function..

function bla() {

$test = "bla";

Is not solving the problem since, it doesn't create a function at RUNTIME it
only references a function..
(it references $test to the function pointer blš)

create_function <= Php command

creates a function runtime.
But thanks for all your time anyway!

Warm regards,

"Bogdan Stancescu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Why do you draw the conclusion you're misunderstood? We are unable to
> your question about speed -- so aren't we allowed to have a separate
> derrivated from your question?
> Bogdan
> Emile Bosch wrote:
> > thx for al the help but i need some help of a php developer i guess cuz
i am
> > misunderstood here..

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