I am using mysql with PHP.
I have one table called inventory with an index field of:
Inventory_Id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment

Now I want to create another inventory table, for a different type say
Royal_Inventory where it also has a
Royal_Inventory_Id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment

However, in my script I want to be able to use the two index fields as one
(in another table) yet differintiate between the two Inventories.
I was thinking if I could make the Royal_Inventory table have one char and
then the auto-increcment value it would be a good solution; like r1 or
r20012121 while inventory (not royal) would have just 1 or 20010210 .

If any of you know how to do this in mysql just send me the line I need :-)
It would be most appreciated.


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