I had a very hard trouble the other week trying to do a fresh installation
of the newest PHP and Apache on the newest Suse (I think 7.3)
with the GD libaries installed!! Everytime it compiled it refused to include
the imagejpeg or imagepng support GD provides.

I ended up just putting the newsest Mandrake that already has the PHP-GD
library rpm for their apache/php build that is defualt on their servers.
I just spent a lot of time on it and thought I would spare you the trouble
if you are indeed using the newest Suse.... It might also have the same bug
on other installations.


"Phillip B. Bruce" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
>    How can I tell if a web server has gd library load properly. I'm
> having problem with
>    the imagecreatejpeg as the graphics does not want to come up. The
> code is correct.
>    As other images that doesn't use this are coming up ok.
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