Does anyone know if it is possible to use the 

'global $varName'

function with the '$GLOBALS' array itself.

I have been having some trouble with this. I have decieded to switch of 
register_globals in the php.ini file (seeing as
it is now deprecated in version 4.1.0)
I know that register_globals is still supported, but I would like to get used to not 
using it.
But anyway, the problem I am having is that when I post data from a form to another 
page the data is not available
globally, so I wrote a method to register them globally, it looks like this

function globaliseVars($varArray) {
        global $GLOBALS;

        while (list($varName,$var) = each($varArray)) {
                $GLOBALS[trim($varName)] = trim($var);

But doing 'global $GLOBALS' doesn't seem to make it refer to the actual '$GLOBALS' 
array, the only time it did work was
when I place something into the '$GLOBALS' array on the page that calls the function. 

* This doesn't work

* But this does
$GLOBALS["ANYTHING"] = "anything";

If anyone could help me with this problem please could they get in touch, because its 
driving me crazy.


Philip MacIver           

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