If you are reading this and do not know what is Metabase, be aware that
it is PHP database abstraction package for developing truely portable
database independent functions. Metabase development will complete 3
years next week. This is a lot of time in the software development
world. More information available in the usual place:

Despite my baby son is monopolizing almost all my free time (I am not
complaining :-) ) I finally made time to clean up Metabase API and
document a OOP API that is alternative to the Metabase* global functions
API, so that now you can use Metabase functions using direct calls to
driver class objects.

This API has always been available but it was never documented because
to enable it, I needed to use a syntax that would break under PHP 3.
Finally I realized that I could use eval() to work around that problem
and Metabase provides this OOP direct to driver function API preserving
backwards compatibility to not affect the applications of those that for
some reason still need to use PHP 3. I know that some people that use
Metabase still have to use PHP 3 and I simpathize with their

Anyway, finally OOP fans should have no more excuses for not adopting
Metabase as their PHP database abstraction of choice.

If you thought that typing MetabaseQuery($database,"Select * from zbr");
would make an hell of difference when compared to $db->Query("Select *
from zbr"); you should please now with Metabase with this symbolic
Christmas gift.

Also the performance fanatics should have one less excuse for not using
Metabase for some so claimed significant overhead that Metabase global
functions add to driver function calls.

Soon I will also be adding functions for fetching row data in bulk
contributed by Lukas Smith that is giving up his own database
abstraction package for Metabase, contributing to make the best that PHP
community deserve.

More innovating developments will follow. Enjoy. :-)

Merry X-mas,
Manuel Lemos

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