Hi again.

Unfortunatelly, there is not any extra module installed on my remote
server in order to parse XML docs.

Does anybody know a way to parse them or must I try with Perl?

Best regards.

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James Cox

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> Sent: 23 December 2001 10:15 AM
> Subject: [PHP] How to parse an XML document
> Hi fellas.
> I would like to know the way to parse an XML document.
> I come from Java world, and you can handle an XML document,
> and
> then show it as an HTML page.
> I suppose that it's also possible by using PHP, isn't it?
> I would like also to know if it's available in the 'standard
> installation' of PHP. I mean, I want to develop this on a
> remote
> server. It uses PHP, and I suppose that it's not installated
> any
> extra module, so I wonder if the XML parsing needs any extra
> module
> or not.
> Best regards.

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