I am having a problem creating a version of PHP4 that has IB SS 6.01
included.  The HowTo provided by RedHat does not have Interbase listed,
so the closest I I come is there PostgreSQL.

Currently, the IB SS rpm puts Interbase into /opt/interbase.  Here are
the instructions in the HowTo

4.Change to the PHP directory, configure PHP with PostgreSQL support
where the PostgreSQL
        header files directory is /usr/include/pgsql, install directory
is /usr/local/php4, build and install

        $ cd php-4.0.4pl1
        $ ./configure --with-pgsql=/usr/include/pgsql
        $ make
        $ make install


    $./configure --with-interbase=/opt/interbase

produces an error: "Cannot find httpd.h" or something close to that.

Has anyone installed Interbase SS 6.01 with PHP4 on a RedHat 7.2


Todd Cary
Ariste Software

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