* Peter Hicks ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 24. 2001 17:39]:

> > Does libsnmp.so actually exist in /usr/local/snmp/lib?

> Yes (a symlink to another file, which exists), and SNMP is detected fine
> through 'configure'.

> I have two theories. The first is that libsnmp.so is the name of the Apache
> module that is being compiled and it is being referenced incorrectly; the
> second is that a spurious .libs/ has appeared from somewhere.

OK, how about building the DSO via apxs manually and see if you get any
errors? IIRC, you can then place it in the correct directory in the
apache source and use --enable-shared=snmp in apache's configure 
*I think*. Why, let me ask Santa.. 

Yes, Santa says he believes that should work.

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