* EMIN CALIKLI ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 25. 2001 05:20]:

> Hi Brian ,


> Thanks for your requests . I 'm using php 4.0.6 + IIS 4.0 (Web Server) . I tried 
>many verisons of GD
> library and failed. Did anyone tried php-4.1.0 verison on IIS 4.0 ? By the way Brian 
>I configured my
> local workstation with Apache 1.3.22 + php 4.0.6 and it works fine. I can use it GD 
>extension. But I
> must run GD on IIS don 't ask me why ? This is companies strategy . So I think I 
>must work hard to
> solve it.
> Thanks again.

What happened when you renamed the ph_gd.dll file to php_gd.dll? Did you
try that?

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