A visitor to my site repeatedly receives a fatal error in one of my scripts.

He is using a Compaq PC with IE 6; Windows 98. He gets this error message:
"Call to unsupported or undefined function srtoupper() in.... on line 82."

Line 82 is a compound IF statement which uses strtoupper(). As best I can
tell, the syntax of the statement is fine:

if (strtoupper(substr($xmbrcode,11,1)) != "B" &&
strtoupper(substr($xmbrcode,11,1)) != "P" &&
srtoupper(substr($xmbrcode,11,1)) != "H" &&
srtoupper(substr($xmbrcode,11,1)) != "O").... {

And more significantly, no one else is reporting this error; I cannot
reproduce it. The script is executed thousands of times each day. By the
time he gets to line 82, he has successfully passed another simple
strtoupper() statement. Every user running this script must get past line

I am very confused here.  Why does this error occur only on his computer?
How could it be machine or browser dependent? Isn't all PHP processing done
on my host (client) computer? And if so, why does the error not occur every
time the script is executed?

I am totally baffled by this. Can anyone help?


Hershel M. Chicowitz

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