I know it's executed client side, but if the buffer fills up because you
have a lot to send to the client (and the network connection is saturated),
then it might fail, since it cannot do the test. it is unlikely, but
possible. Also, that code you quoted is (out of context) inefficient, so
that might prove why.

Also, it's worth noting that only 1 in 10 people complain about something.
Thus, your one client reporting this error may mean there are 10 out there

Best bet is to get his headers etc (set up a seperate log site? get him to
dump the page for you as you echo variables and debug info? -- you certainly
won't know which strtoupper it fails on if they are all on the same line :))
Also, get him to give you his cookies -- chances are there could be a
datatype incompatibility.

The bottom line i am getting across here is that there are so many
possibilities here for potential errors, (like in many things) that it is
hard to pinpoint what might be wrong.

If it helps, i am more than happy to look at your code and see if i can
break it.

Regards, and now christmas day is drawing to a close, merry new year :)

James Cox
Please always Cc to me when replying to me on the lists.

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