Some tips on asking for help:

1. ask in the right place (this is not it)
2. it does no good to say you received an error unless you put the error
message in the post
3. research first...there are nearly 55,000 search results on this subject
at google
4. combine steps 2 and for the error message on google..this will
usually lead to quick results


Melih Onvural <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> i know this isn't a linux newsgroup or listing, but i've seen
> problems in the past
> so i was wondering if anyone could fix mine now.
> I have the server, ssl, php, mySql, the whole deal, but we have an Intel
> wireless network at home which, as it turns out, has only windows drivers.
> found a driver (Tulip) that apparently works with the card I have, but I
> can't get beyond the point of ./make
> there's always an error. If someone knows existing problems, or good
> documentation on how to complete this installion process, that information
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Melih

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