Why not just use the imap extension which supports the NNTP protocol 

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, Fred wrote:

> I am attempting to use fsockopen to connect to a news server.  I am able to
> successfully connect and authenticate.  In fact, I can issue many commands
> without a hitch.
> I do, however, have a problem with commands which require multiline results.
> For instance, issuing the list command and echoing the results to the
> browser invariably results in the browser stalling.  There is no timeout
> error from php, but after an arbitrary number of lines the browser stalls
> and does not receive the rest of the stream.
> I first thought this was some type of timeout error, but the odd thing is
> that the amount of data successfully recieves varies depending on the nntp
> server.
> For example: server A may have 90,000 groups to list and stalls after
> transferring 70,000 or so.  On the other hand, server B may have only 300
> groups to list and stalls after 250.
> If anyone has had any experience with this problem, please let me know what
> you did to resolve it.
> Fred

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