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> I'm really unable to discuss the mailing-list topic because I
> have nil expertise
> in this field (apart from using them, that is). However, I'd
> strongly advise you
> to use something based on some kind of database system, because alternate
> methods of storing data (i.e. plain text files) are crippled from
> the start in
> the speed department -- and if you hope the list to grow, this
> will become a
> major issue.

Interestingly enough, the largest mailing list systems do not use databases
to store their addresses. The likely limit will be bandwidth, not anything

Look into qmail/ezmlm for a good combination, along with the tied & true
majordomo list manager. I've been running some large mailing lists using the
ezmlm/qmail combo - which easily saturates a T1 connection running just a
350 MHz PII.

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