Sorry about the previous one, that was a mistake.

I have the following code to insert a blob into an access OLE object field:

if(($prepared_query=MetabasePrepareQuery($database,"UPDATE incident_blob SET
data_blob=?, description='new'")))



      echo "Error 1 (CreateLOB): $error\n";

  echo "Error 2 (Prepare): $error\n";

I can connect and query the database otherwise, and it works fine.  The
problem is with the Blobs, that update statement is not getting run.  There's
only 1 row in the table, but the description and ole object do not get
updated.  If I switch the driver to use mysql as opposed to odbc, it works
fine on an identical table (on linux, not windows).  Any ideas?

Mike B.

On Wednesday 26 December 2001 02:49 pm, Manuel Lemos wrote:
> Hello,
> Mike Baranski wrote:
> > Hi, I'm trying to store a binary file in an access database, I'm using an
> > ole type, and I think that it's getting inserted OK.  My problem is that
> > I don't know how to pull it out...  How do you select the stuff that's in
> > an ole object out of the database and display it, a jpg, for example.  I
> > can't even get the raw data.  I've tried converting it to base 16 and
> > inserting it, but I still can't pull it out.  I know how to do this in
> > mysql, so posting that won't help.  I need to know how to do this with
> > access.
> If you are using ODBC, you may want to try Metabase because it supports
> BLOB fields with any ODBC driver. Metabase is Open Source and is freely
> available here.
> Regards,
> Manuel Lemos

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