* Duane Douglas ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 27. 2001 13:24]:

> i have an apache rpm installed.  stuff will break if i uninstall it.  how 
> do i install php to work with it?

You can download the source tarball from php.net. Then configure it
--with-apxs to have it build an Apache DSO module. 


Download it, unpack it (tar -xzf php-4.1.1.tar.gz), and make your way 
through the INSTALL and README files.

tar -xzf php-4.1.1.tar.gz
cd php-4.1.1

Just remember, you want a DSO install because you don't want to fool
with Apache source, since you already have Apache installed via RPM.

IN the INSTALL file, start where it states:


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