Yes: <a href="javascript:CountIt('actual link here')">Text</a>

And in ClickIt you'll have to append
if (goto) {

Obviously, you'll have to redefine ClickIt() to ClickIt(goto)

I don't know if all the code is 100% accurate, but that's definitely the direction to 
go. You may have to change the JavaScript code to "parent.window.location=goto" if you 
use frames.



Douglas Harter wrote:

> My form contains a function called CountIt which increments a counter file on the 
>site. I mainly use it to count the hits on the page. I also have multiple <a> links 
>to  .zip & .txt files which can be accessed or downloaded.  Is it possible somehow to 
>fake an onclick event so that when the user clicks on the link I can use the CountIt 
>function to increment a counter for that link?

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