I know you can use ./configure --with-gd to compile gd with php
and same with ming, to make flash movies, for example

However, I noticed on source code one tutorial showed
the php script link straight to the ming .so file, which made me wonder *IF* 
that was because they didn't use ./configure...is it possible to do that with 
gd and others? To use php and that library *without* ./configure? I found 
that odd, unless I misunderstood what they were doing in that ming flash 
example by connecting to that .so file

Is that something you can do with ming, gd library or any other without 
./configure option? If that is the case, what are the performance differences 
in using such a method?

Is it such a bad idea, that I should avoid such practices? 
If I need to elaborate and show a code example, I will. I just never really 
knew of such a way to use a library. 

Thanks for your time


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