Hi Richard,

> > So far so good! Only problem which I have is that some (=most)
> > people create email with clients that output email with HTML
> > codes (Internet Explorer for example)..

> Internet Explorer is a browser, it doesn't create email.
It was a bit late, I meant Outlook Express which comes/came with Internet Explorer..

> Does anyone khow how this is done..?
> Use either the imap extension, or the mimeDecode class available
> in PEAR, or here:
> http://www.phpguru.org

Thanks for the tip!  I grabbed (your) code and tried to decode some messages..
This (almost) worked perfectly..!!!..... I only have the following problem: I (also) 
your html.mime.mail class, for generating outgoing messages in php... :-)

All messages generated by this class I can't decode the body.. :-(

Because I am using your mime_mail.class quite some time I took a look at the version I 
using.. I saw that I was still running 1.26..  I can remember that when I installed 
it, I
had a
lot of trouble getting the HTML emails to display correctly.. Back then I fixed it by
removing all the
'\r'  characters in the source..  (I think this is the reason the decode class won't
decode the

I grabbed version (2.0.3) with the hope that it would work out of the box.. But I still
(now) have the same problem
which I had with 1.26....
I saw that you could define the CRLF yourself, I fiddled with '\n', '\r\n' and a few
others..  But this doesn't seem to do anything for me...  :-(

I have attached the -not-working- generated email.. This was done using PHP 4.0.6 and 
internal mail function..
(Qmail delivered the email.)

I will give the smtp class a try tomorrow to see if that will work, but I still don't
really understands what it does.. (Does it inject the email
in mailer for the given IP number..?? Or does it try to deliver email himself to 

I will try to solve the html.mime.class problems, and I think that will then also solve
the decoding problem I have now..

 Bye Bye

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