On this front douse anyone know of any companies who will compile an app as 
I cant afford the compiler but will need to do this in the future.  Is it a 
stand alone and is it easy to install?


At 14:10 15/10/2001, ~~~i LeoNid ~~ wrote:
>On Sat, 13 Oct 2001 16:14:39 -0400 impersonator of [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>(Matthew Loff) planted &I saw in php.general:
> >
> >Are there any open source efforts to clone the Zend PHP compiler, so
> >that PHP scripts can be distributed in binary form?
> >
>I don't know of _common_ efforts in this direction. May be it is against
>open php policy:) (if i do a pre-processOR [not open], it 'll cost half of
>of zend's $$ - 1200/install:))
> >There is already the Win32 PHP compiler intended for PHP+GTK scripts...
> >
>No much use if it is only for windows. What/where it is and how $$, btw?
>In any case even it is exits for *unix also it should be in every PHP (say
>4) installment, which is unlikely.

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