A great solution for this kind of job is Midgard (www.midgard-project.org). It
provides heaps of features oriented to solving all your possible problems -- user
control/access; separate content and "style" templates, manages includes
automatically so you don't have to fiddle around tens or hundreds of files in order
to add the new php you want to include.

So, on the pro side there's much about everything you may wish.

On the con side, however, is that if you ever wish to export a site to a server
without Midgard you'll have a very hard time doing it because everything that was
done automatically by Midgard must be done manually in order to create the php files
comprising the site (had this experience recently, and it's a real pain).

However, these events are usually forseen, so if you have your own server you don't
need to worry about this problem.



Lauri Vain wrote:

> Hi there!
> During the last two weeks or so, I've been bugged by a question deep inside me.
> It's about various templating solutions used with dynamic web applications.

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