* Bogdan Stancescu ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 28. 2001 18:44]:

> Hello everybody!

Right back atcha

> Apart from the usual best wishes for 2002, I have a question: does
> anyone know of a good security list/newsletter/bulletin for PHP?
> Actually, any kind of good source would be great, even if it's net
> security in general -- what I'm looking for is:
> 1. Mostly PHP security (including PHP packages with vulnerabilities)
> and
> 2. A good source (I'd like to subscribe to an active
> list/newsletter/bulletin so they publish info from other sources as well
> -- not only original data they found out without any external info).

> Too much to ask? :-)

The only advice I can offer isn't going to be favorable if you only want
PHP related information, but..

I would advise subscribing to Bugtraq, and also the articles I mentioned
here for secure coding practices:


And I can't seem to bring up zend.com lately.. (is something amiss with
the site, by the way?) but if you can get there, I think Sterling Hughes
wrote a good article (at zend.com) on PHP security too. I think that's 
who wrote it..

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