* Dennis Gearon ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 29. 2001 00:56]:

> What WYSIWYG editors are you guys using with PHP templates? I'd like to
> layout pages, frames, multiple levels of graphics with a WYSIWYG editor.

> I looked at an online template from the macromedia site, and it is
> completely unformatted and has some unprintable character in it at every
> <b>. It is completely useless for putting PHP template information in. I
> don't know if their program 'dreamweaver' actually MAKES the templates


I would imagine you haven't gotten many answers because Dreamweaver is
the most popular WYSIWYG editor for that kind of stuff. I've never used
Dreamweaver (or UltraDev?) but I hear they have "PHP Extensions" which
may explain the popularity.

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