Hey guys.  Any insight into this problem im experiencing would be much appriciated...

I installed some software on my web space a while back, I ran a script and it 
extracted some files from a tar ball I had uploaded.  This was all designed to make 
the package easy to install and set up.  The idea being you just uploaded the tarball 
and a script to set it all up.  The web server does the rest.

Well now I have a problem that I am trying to delete them.  I cant delete them using 
my FTP access to my web space, because I dont have the right permissions.  I wrote a 
script to tell me information about these files, it reports back that the owner is 
"apache" and the group is "apache".  

I wrote a simple script something like this:




This doesnt work on files that I own, let alone files that the web server owns in my 
user space.  What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advanced.


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