* John Weez ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Dec 30. 2001 03:23]:

> I have a small program which captures the output of a webpage and puts the
> data in to a string variable.
> I then use teh strip tags function of php to clean it up a bit.

> then i want to use regular expressions to extract all the numbers from the
> page ..they are like this usually numbers.numbers (IE: 40.40 ).

> For some reason my expressions are not matching anything in the string
> unless i type exactly what i am looking for... could the fact that there
> are line reurns in the string be causing a problem? or do i need to
> somehow tell php to goto the next line?

How are you grabbing all the data from the page?

> I had an older version of the program which saved teh data to a file and
> then PhP scanned the file line by line..this worked...but i'm trying to
> make a more elegant solution that won;t kill my hard drive faster ;)

It's going to use a bit of memory to search an entire page with a
regular expression. It's probably going to be slow(er) no matter how you
slice it.

I would use the PCRE functions; preg_match_all() probably..

Look over these:

I think you'll want to use m (and g is default, as the comment says).

Something like this may work:


/* untested */

while(list(,$match) = each($matches[0])) 
   print "$match\n";


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