I was looking through the archive and there were some references about
changing apache's config to recognise php3 files in php4.  When I tried
to add a mime type for php3, restarted apache and tried to go to a test
php3 page with phpinfo() in it my browswer wants to download it, instead
of displaying phpinfo().
Anyone knows of any pointers of getting php4 to recoginise php3 files as
php files.  Im currently using apache 1.3.22, php 4.0.6.

Björn Schotte wrote:

 > Hi,
 > * Gerard Samuel wrote:
 >>I want to), and I didn't see anything in its docs about php4
 >>Is it possible to run this thing on a box with php4??
 > Of course, since PHPLIB is only a set of PHP classes.

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