In my experience the speediest way was to create a temporary buffer to which 
you append the html you wish to output and then write the buffer to file in 
one go.


On January 1, 2002 01:41 pm, David Jackson wrote:
> This may seem a little odd?
> But what I want to do is use PHP/MySQL to generate static pages.
> The applet I tinkering with is a sales worksheet and to start with will
> consist of catalog/product maintience page, and a worksheet allow sales
> reps work up pricing for customers. Eventfully this would tie into an
> "contact manager". The code to generate the catalog is below:
> I'm sure it's a fopen(), passthru operation, I 'm just not sure what's
> the most effective why to write the HTML out to file?
> -- Thanks for your time -- David
> ------------- Make Catalog PHP -------------


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