Chris Boothe wrote:
> Has anyone tried this sample project?
> Soap Server Class
> http://phpclasses.upperdesign.com/browse.html/package/251
> I can't seem to get it to go, it is returning:
> 500 internal server error
> The APACHE Log reads:
> Premature end of script headers: C:/php/php.exe
> Any ideas?

This means there was a fatal error handling the SOAP request. The
protocol spec, requires that when something fails the service request
returns error 500.

Unfortunately, PHP does not return the response body when a HTTP returns
error 500. This makes impossible for SOAP responses be returned
correctly using Apache. I already mentioned this to Rasmus once. It
seems that PHP needs to work differently with Apache to prevent this
behaviour and let SOAP XML response body be returned correctly.

The work around for this is to set a property of the SOAP server class
named failure status to something else than "500 Internal server error".
You may set it to "200 OK" like in the date.soap example SOAP service

$soap_server_object->failurestatus="200 OK";

If this does not solve your problem, is because the problem is something
else. Just let me know if you still have problems.

Manuel Lemos

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