I use hostrocket. They seem to meet most of your criteria, but as with many
hosts they do not offer unlimited bandwidth. Personally, I stay away from
hosts that say they offer unlimited bandwidth (there's usually a catch). Has
one of the best Control Panels IMO. Includes PHP, MySQL, Perl, subdomain
support, unlimited emails, more than enough hard drive space (350 MB+), and
more. Support includes trouble ticketing and a support forum. I use the
forum to discuss things with fellow customers than problems with my site as
support through the trouble ticket system is pretty efficient. I get very
fast responses from technical support (One time they responded within less
than 5 minutes of me sending a ticket in with a solution). You may want to
check out their forum and see what other clients have to say also.

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Subject: [PHP] Hosting provider...

Im looking to change my hosting provider.

..something that isnt going to break the bank, is feature full, supports
Myql, php etc etc and doesnt limit your bandwidth usage!  I need about 100+
mb's of space, and possibly the ability to run a background process.

Can anyone here suggest a good provider that meets the above criteria?



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