We are deciding which language we will move in to, PHP or Perl. Once thing
that Perl allows is the setting of variables from an Apache directive
(Vhost, Directory, Location, etc).

I've been looking thru the mod_php module, but I havn't see this ability of
PHP. It's looking like it's possible to modify the mod_php module for Apache
to support this, but I wanted to see if anyone has hit this problem before.

using mod_perl it would be done as:

<Location />
    PerlSetVar    foo    bar

using mod_php it would be nice to have it as:

<Location />
    php_set_var    foo    bar

I do know of the php_value, php_flag, php_admin_value, php_admin_flag but
these are only for INI settings.

Thanks for any help before I attempt to modify mod_php ;)
Joe Webster

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