Hi all,

I have a few problems. I'm trying to write a PHP script that will function
as a webchat.

Currently I have soms problems. How can I get each line of the in/output ?

This is what a part of what I currently have:

function con($hport,$Something,$who){
            $fp = fsockopen($who, $hport, &$errno, &$errstr, 4);
            if (!$fp){
               print "Cannot connect to IRC server.";
            } else {
              echo "Connecting ..<br>\n";
              if($nick == "") { $nick = "Testing"; }
              fputs($fp, "NICK $nick\n");
              echo "Send nick ..<br>\n";
        $ping = fgets($fp,1024);
        echo "Ping = $ping ..<br>\n";
        $reply = substr($ping, 6,13);
        fputs($fp, "PONG $reply\n");
        echo "Replying with $reply ..<br>\n";
        fputs($fp, "USER d d d :$UNIQUE_ID\n");
        echo "Sending user information ..<br>\n";
        fputs($fp, "JOIN #test\n");
$domain = "";

echo con("6667","Ircd","$domain");


I'm writing this because I couldn't find any good htmlchat. Anyone who want
to help ?


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