I've been trying to compile php-gtk on slack 8 with php 4.1.1. I've
tried CVS and 0.1.1, but I get the following during make whether I use
./buildconf or phpize:

gen_gtk.c:1: parse error before `:'

I looked at ext/gtk+/gen_gtk.c, and there is one line:

usage: php -q generator.php [-o overridesfile] [-p prefix] [-c
functionclass] [-r typesfile] defsfile

I emptied the file to move on with compiling, but I get it again for
gen_gdk.c, followed by gen_*.c files for the other ext directories in
the php-gtk directory with the same "usage: ..." line in each of the
files with the error.

Any ideas what's up? I kinda wish now I could just go download a
precompiled .so somewhere and be done with it.

- deekayen

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