Every once in a while, maybe 10 times a day, scripts timeout.  Different scripts, 
different places in the script, different IP addresses.  
I wrote an auto_append script that dumps the phpinfo to a file if the script ran 
longer than 30 seconds, and nothing is odd  in those phpinfo's.  
Sometimes the same IP address gets the script fast sometimes timeout.  I have 
increased the timeout from 60 to 120 then to 240.  I still get a few timeouts.  
I have looked through the code and it cant be a database connection because some of 
the scripts don't use a database.  It doesn't look like it can be an infinite loop 

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Charles Killmer
IIS 5.0 Win2000 Server PHP 4.1.0

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: Henning Sprang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 03 Jan 2002 15:33:31 +0100

Am 03 Jan 2002 08:10:08 -0600 schrieb charlesk :
> Is the php engine slowed by users with a slow connection? 
it _should_ not under "normal" circumstances - but what problems are you
exactly experiencing?


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