I would like to simulate a user, browsing to a webpage and logging in via a web 
form..... is there a way to do this? I don't have curl installed, although I'm going 
to open a ticket asking if my host will install it....

I tried using the Snoopy class, but it doesn't seem to work... I think the webpage 
that I'm trying to get into has it scripted so that there is some variable that is 
created each visit that I can't duplicate....

I would like the script to actually browse to the login page, enter my info into the 
form, submit and then grab the info that I want behind the login.... Im trying to 
create a league management tool so that I can manage my hsx.com league... providing 
stats and stuff to my league members.... if I can't automate it, I have to do it 
manually each day which can be tedious if there are lots of members.

Can this be done with PHP? is there another way you can recommend to me, or a tool 
already existing that I can try? Would curl enable me to do this easier?


Jason Bell

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