thanks, i know what u mean, but what if you have to upload bigger files? 

is it possible that maybe the next php release will have a option to auto write the 
uploading file to disk(if the file being uploaded is bigger than a certain size) while 
uploading instead of slurping the entire file into ram.

just a suggestion for improvement. :)

>set your max upload file size smaller then. default is 2mb >max. I find that
>too small, I re-set mine to 5mb. I have 2g of ram on our >server, 5mb isnt a
>worry to me. Id rather that then the slow speed of writing >the file to the
>Chris Lee
>\"David\" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>> hi all,
>> I wes doing some file upload stuff with php when i noticed >that as the
>file is being uploaded, the entire file is stored in ram >until it\'s
>> obviously, we know the problems associated with this(use >up a lot of ram
>for large files), i\'m just wondering, is this going to be >fixed soon in the
>next release of php?
>> i think those people using php to upload large files will >be very happy if
>>it\'s fixed :) 

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