I have a website where I use sessions. After a user has logged of, the logon
screen appears again. The username field is filled with the value from a

What happens:

For example: username = "Peter"

In the situation that I log of (and the logon page appears), the username
field gets the value from the cookie and the string "; PHPSESSID". ("Peter;

When I close the browser window and open a new browser window the value of
the username is correct ("Peter"). The string "; PHPSESSID" is not in the
cookie. What is the reason that this string (the variable name for session
id as set in my php.ini) appears in this field?

In other words, why is the session_id variable name displayed in a field
that is filled by a cookie. I also tried to end the session, but the only
thing I can find is destroy_session and that only destroys everything that
is within that session, but it does not kill the session itsselfs

How do I solve this problem.



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