> With all the wonderful String functions in PHP, I haven't been able to
> a str_compress().  Is there such an animal?  Let's say I have a string
> this:
> $myString = First_word  <30 spaces> second_word <10 spaces> etc...

This would proberly work:
    function str_compress($stString) {

        if (substr_count($stString,'  ') == 0) {
            return $stString;

        $stString = str_replace('  ',' ',$stString);

        return str_compress($stString);

    echo str_compress('dsfsd fdf sdf     sdfd                     sf sf sdf
sf  s fdsf sdf    sdf sfsfsd sfs   sf ');

Regards Emil

ps. I admit that I dont know if there is a built in function.

Emil Rasmussen

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