Hey there,

I'm playing around with the logging options in the php.ini file.
I set this:
display_errors = Off

Because I don't want to visitors to see any errors (besides the errors I 
define myself in the PHP script, which is exactly what this does... I only 
print out things like can't open database which doesn't reveal sensitive data 
like paths and host)
log_errors = On

I need the error ofcourse :-)

now I had error_log set. However, my error log resides in a root write only 
directory. My apache logs have NO problem with these permissions (apache logs 
are u root g root rw-r--r--) however appearantly PHP gets started only by the 
forked processes because it CAN'T write to a root log file if it's set in 
so I unset error_log, now apache takes over the logging appearantly because 
the errors now show up in my apache error_log which is kewl. But this is what 
I have a question about

I have not yet configured my own apache like this, but I saw this at my ISP. 
What they do is make VirtualHost containers in which each virtual host has 
their own log files. This is absolutely cool, because I can't read the log 
files from others and they can't read mine. But every user can read their own 
webserver logs. (you can't get into the user directory so you can't read the 
files either). Anyways, the question would be, if I don't fill in the 
error_log tag like I did now, will the errors in such a setup go to the 
general error file or does it go to the virtual host log file of the 
virtualhost it belongs too?

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend ya'll


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