This is an Apache question, not a PHP one. I don't know if your Apache 
configuration file is named apache.conf or httpd.conf under Windows, but 
whatever it is, check these settings:

ServerRoot - should be set to the location where Apache is installed.
DocumentRoot = set to where your web files are located.
DirectoryIndex - should be set to the default file names, e.g index.htm, 
index.html, index.php

plus one more, which automatically has theeffect of adding a trailing slash 
to an URL, so that you do not get a directory listing.

This is a start - Miles

At 03:52 PM 1/4/2002 +0100, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>I have a big security hole in my php and I cannot get out why:
>  Operating system: Windows XP
>  PHP version:      4.1.1
>  Bug description:  Script accesses harddrive. what did I do wrong?
>  I installed Apache 1.3.20 with PHP and now I saw, a php script can show my
>  complete harddrive remotly. I don't know if it is a bug in php, I think
>  not, I think I configured something wrong but I have ABSOLUTLY no idea what
>  and I didn't find help anywhere. maybe you can tell me what this could be.
>  thanks a lot
>P.S.: how can I configure that scripts only access things in the directory 
>they where executed or in their subdirs?
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