Every now and then, I get a corrupted htm file. It ends up with characters in it
that DON'T show up in the editor. I usually have to type the whole thing again.
Maybe that's what's happened here?

"ski-info" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>I am in the process of producing a script which will allow me to produce
>printer-friendly versions of my dynamically produced web pages.
>For the most part it is working but take a look here...
>If you click the "Print Review" button it all seems to work fine, except
>1) it's slow and...
>2) do you see those numbers c3 fd6 and 52 59c (may take a few seconds)?
>Where on Earth did they come from?  They are not in the html (as you would
>also see them on the main review page). They also appear to be the cause of
>script running slow.
>Here is my php code.

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