I would like to pass the "$text" variable to the body
of an email message in another php script.  
The code is below:

< -- upload.php -- >
if (!$file=fopen(text.txt", "r")) {
    echo "Could not open file";
  else {
    $text=fread($file, 100);

< -- mail.php -- >
$subj = "The Subject";
$body="\nBegin" .
      "\n" . quotemeta ($a) .
      "\n" . quotemeta ($b) .
      "\n" . quotemeta ($c) .
      "\nEnd" .
      "\n" . $text;
$header="From: " . $email .
        "\r\nReply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]";

$success = mail ($to, $subj, $body, $header);

I can echo the "$text" variable to my web form, but
to the email body of another php script.  Is this
possible?  How can I get the "$text" variable to
display in the body of my email message?  Thanks

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