I have an application that returns a set of results from a MySQL 
query.  Let's say I have 100 results from the query, but only want to 
show 25 per HTML page.

The MySQL query is driven by a 'Search' page that creates an array 
"$keywords" - which can be of any size.  I then loop through the 
$keywords array to create the SQL code.

I understand how to use the LIMIT statement in MySQL - so I can 
'page' the output, but how do I pass the "$keywords" array with each 
request for the next page?

I create a link with a phrase like:

    printf(...A HREF="results.php?firstitem=1&items=25&kw=$kw...);

but end up just showing that kw=array.

Can anyone put me on the right track or point me to some resource? 
This seems like it should be simple but...


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