* Emile Bosch ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Jan 03. 2002 15:38]:

> Hi a lot of todays proffesional content management systems use XML, now
> i was wondering how it's possible to mix XML with Dynamic Content, or
> content which is change sensitive, IE A shop, or an auction,
> let's say you have a shop with 1000 products, how am i gonna mix this in
> the XML?

> Does anyone know how this is solved, because i don't think that you are
> gonna write hundreds of XML files for each article, can someone please help
> me out here?

I understand the first paragraph up to "how am i gonna mix this in the

Why couldn't you store information in a database and write the XML files
on the fly when you need XML? Or update the XML file when something 
changes? Or, why use XML at all? Do you _really_ need it? *confused*

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