* Jason Signalness ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Jan 04. 2002 16:18]:

> Hello,


> I am having trouble compiling php with snmp support. ucd-snmp 4.2.2 is 
> installed and working without trouble. PHP4.1.1 configures ok but fails 
> on make, giving many errors similar to this:

> /usr/local/lib/libsnmp.a(snmp_alarm.o): In function `sa_find_next':
> /export/home/j/js/jsignalness/ucd-snmp-4.2.2/snmplib/snmp_alarm.c:111: 
> multiple definition of `sa_find_next'
> first defined here
> /usr/local/lib/libsnmp.a(snmp_alarm.o): In function `sa_find_specific':
> /export/home/j/js/jsignalness/ucd-snmp-4.2.2/snmplib/snmp_alarm.c:120: 
> multiple definition of `sa_find_specific'
> first defined here

People seem to have all sorts of problems with snmp. The stuff above is
the kind of thing that needs to be put in a bug report more than likley,
because only the developers are going to have a clue how to get you
fixed up (if they can). :-(

I'd go to http://bugs.php.net and post a detailed report.

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