Hello Everyone.

I just tried to upgrade my Apache 1.3.22 web server to us PHP 4.1.1.  I was
running PHP 4.0.6 without problems for months, but wanted to take advantage
of the bug fixes and new features.  The compile seemed to go OK, and the new
httpd runs fine.  However, I've encountered a strange bug when visitng my
web sites using Netscape 4.78.

Whenever you visit a page that uses PHP's mySQL capabilities extensively (in
my estimation, anything that has an update query, but I've only confirmed
this on a handfull of pages so it could be some other more subtle symptom),
the httpd process that handles that request gets a signal 10 or signal 11
(it switches back and fourth, but it's mostly a signal 11).  When you go to
these pages in IE or any other browser, it works fine with very few
exceptions - it has been found to sig10 or sig11 on a few requests from IE
or other versions of Netscape, but not with any regularity.  Netscape 4.78
causes it to crash every time.  It's important to not that it does not
happen with every request or on every site - most pages operate fine, even
with updates.  It just seems that the few that do cause it to crash have
several selects/updates on one page.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Here's a list of the versions of things that I'm running:

Apache 1.3.22
PHP 4.1.1 (4.0.6 works fine)
mySQL 3.23.46
mod_ssl 2.8.5
OpenSSL 0.9.6a

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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