I've used a combination of addslashes() and stripslashes() along with 
htmlspecialchars() to perform just that sort of thing, though I used MySQL 
instead of PostreSQL.

Does anyone know, by the way, if there's a port of PostreSQL to Windows 
2000?  Or can I run it in Cygwin?

At 03:45 PM 1/6/2002, James Arthur wrote:
>I need a user to be able to enter submit HTML code (also perhaps containing
>PHP code) via a web form, which will then be entered into a database.
>The data is typed in to a textarea, which is then posted to my script. I
>notice that some special characters come out of this process escaped, but the
>escaping sequence does not appear to be entirely compatible with the SQL
>query I'm using to insert it into a table.
>Can anyone tell me the correct way to convert the output from the form into a
>format that PostgreSQL will accept, and then how to convert it back so that
>it's identical to what the user entered before being escaped by post (so that
>I can just use print to print it out)?
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